Mintzanet offers you the chance to practise speaking Basque whenever you want, wherever you want, free of charge.

All you need is a PC, tablet, or mobile phone (with camera, microphone and earphones) and an Internet connection. Go for it!

The project is structured through bidelagunas and bidelaris. Which is your role?

Bidelari: this is the person who wants to practise speaking Basque, and who will be required to have a minimum level (high A2-B1) so that the conversation can be guaranteed.

Bidelaguna: a native Basque speaker willing to help the bidelari. This person is not a teacher, as the conversations don’t have an educational purpose. The aim is to speak, overcome shyness and gain confidence.

Most users take part in conversations lasting half an hour every week. What are you waiting for? Sign up!

Click here, fill in the questionnaire and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. You won’t regret it!


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